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In August 2010, a large recall of defective parts used for hip replacement surgery was issued by Depuy Orthopaedics, a division of Johnson and Johnson.  Patients who received the parts may experience pain, swelling, and trouble walking.  Many people will require additional surgery to repair the damage.  Even if a hip replacement patient isn't currently experiencing any symptoms, they may still be at risk.  We are investigating Depuy Hip Recall cases nationwide. 

Depuy Hip Lawyer Anaheim CA

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A handful of Considerations to Inquire with Your Surgeon related to Hip Revision Treatments

Any time your specialist has mentioned hip revision medical procedure to remedy or substitute a failed hip implant product, you without doubt have got  variety of concerns. Not necessarily certain how to start? Take this inventory of considerations with you for your visit and also spend time wondering about basic questions you could have related to your particular factors.

1. Am I in good health ?

An individual must be healthy enough to have the surgery, and robust and healthy enough to stay involved in the rehab process. A lot of patients will be in a position to take hip revision surgical treatment, but they are too weak to engage in physical rehabilitation. Successful rehabilitation varies according to your actual skill to rehabilitate immediately following hip revision surgery treatment, thus be sure that your health care provider assesses your scenario.

2. Have you undergone revision surgical procedures before?

You'll want to make certain your orthopedic doctor has experience with hip revision surgery well before lining up your treatment. Knowledge about total hip replacement medical procedures is not the equivalent. Be certain that you're employing a physician that has genuine revision practical experience.

3. What precisely should I do to prepare?

You can find activities to do for you to prepare yourself for hip revision surgical procedure. Many points have to do with your health, yet there are also restoration plans that should be prepared and environmental adjustments which may benefit. Both your health care provider coupled with physical therapist can provide an index of tips making recuperation considerably less difficult on you and people helping you just after your surgical treatment.

4. Was the requirement of revision surgical treatment my fault?

Chances are high the answer to this inquiry is definitely going to be “no,” yet there are moments when a person’s daily activities carries a more significant result on the time an implant can last. By way of example, somebody who is hefty is putting his or her hip implant at increased risk. Without doubt, you intend to be positive you are working at everything you can to raise the chances of hip revision success - especially because if any legal action is taken, you don’t want the manufacturer to acquire anything to hold against your case.

5. What will I do if it doesn’t give good results?

You can find a chance hip revision surgery might not work and therefore you should be well prepared for that taking place. It is possible to intend for the best, nevertheless holding a technique for caring for pain and various obstacles subsequent to a failed revision is vital. Your physician can provide ideas that assist you make objective choices in relation to your probabilities of success.