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In August 2010, a large recall of defective parts used for hip replacement surgery was issued by Depuy Orthopaedics, a division of Johnson and Johnson.

Patients who received the parts may experience pain, swelling, and trouble walking.  Many people will require additional surgery to repair the damage.  Even if a hip replacement patient isn't currently experiencing any symptoms, they may still be at risk.  We are  investigating Depuy Hip Recall cases nationwide. 

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If you or a loved one have been impacted by this recall, please call us today to discuss your legal rights.  This is a free, no obligation consultation. There are no legal fees unless we make a recovery for you.  Toll Free 1-866-777-2557 or use our online contact form and a Depuy Recall Lawyer will get back to you as soon as possible.



Several Things to Check with Your Gp relating to Hip Revision Surgical procedure

If your physician has refered to hip revision medical operations to remedy or change a damaged hip implant model, you undoubtedly possess  large amount of issues. Not confident how to begin? Think about this variety of considerations together with you for your session and moreover invest some time considering basic questions you have got pertaining to your unique factors.

1. Am I in good physical shape ?

You have got to be healthy enough to endure the actual procedure, and robust and healthy enough to involve yourself in the treatment. A lot of persons tend to be in a position to take hip revision treatment, nonetheless too feeble to get involved in physical rehabilitation. Impressive restoration would depend on your own capability to rehabilitate subsequently after hip revision surgery treatment, so be sure that your general practitioner assesses your condition.

2. Have you carried out revision surgery treatment prior to this?

You ought to make sure that your orthopedic surgeon has experience with hip revision surgery treatment well before lining up your surgical procedure. Knowledge about total hip replacement medical procedures is not the same. Make sure to are working with a health care provider that has got true revision expertise.

3. What exactly might I do to be ready?

You will find several steps you can take so that you can prepare yourself for hip revision surgical procedures. Many items are locked up in your health, yet there are also rehabilitation policies that ought to be produced and environmental corrections that will make it easier for you. Both your health practitioner and also physical therapist can provide an index of advice that could make healing substantially less difficult on you and the ones assisting you soon after your surgical procedure.

4. Was the cost of revision surgery my failing?

Odds are the answer to this query is usually going to be “no,” but there are instances when a person’s lifestyle carries a increased result on how many years an implant can last. As an illustration, somebody who is over weight is putting his or her hip implant at significantly greater risk. At minimum, you need to be certain you are doing everything you can to better the chances of hip revision success - primarily because if any legal action is applied, you don’t want the defense attorney to get anything to hold against your claim.

5. What should I do if it doesn’t work?

Often there is the prospect that hip revision surgery isn't going to work and then you ought to be geared up for that happening. You'll be able to expect for the best, but finding a strategy for addressing pain and other additional complications following a failed revision is essential. Your own physician provide you with recommendations that assist you make objective decisions about your probabilities of success.

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